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About Tracy

Why I'm Running


I am proudly running for re-election as your State Representative. As someone who was born and raised in the heart of Kentucky, surrounded by the hardworking ethos of farmers and small business owners, my roots run deep with values of integrity, responsibility, and community spirit.

My upbringing fostered in me a sense of duty to support and uplift those around me, a principle that continues to drive my actions today. With a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Butler University and years of experience working alongside a diverse array of healthcare professionals, I bring to the table an informed perspective on healthcare legislation and policy-making.

During my time in office, I've been a staunch advocate for local decision-making on housing and education, championed healthcare access for our state, and fought tirelessly for improved addiction care and better support for our dedicated police force. My commitment has always been to you, the residents – supporting our students, cutting through bureaucratic red tape, and working diligently to bring your voices to Hartford.

Together with my husband David and our three daughters, we've made Connecticut our beloved home. Our busy family life, filled with academia, rowing, and tennis, is the stronghold of our 'Friday Night Pizza' tradition, a testament to our commitment to making time for family no matter how hectic life gets.


Campaign Goals for Re-election

The mission ahead is improving our lives in Connecticut with better education, lower cost of living, safer roads, and less crime.  I want to do all of this and more by making Connecticut an epicenter of innovation and business growth:

  • Uphold your voice in Hartford, fiercely advocating for our community's well-being.

  • Supporting laws that give our police more tools to keep our communities and roads safer.

  • Deliver better education to our kids, not only through top-notch public schools but also by offering school choice and alternative pathways for the next generation.

  • Foster a business ecosystem ripe for healthcare advancements and AI industry leadership.

  • Champion a platform where innovation thrives and regulatory hurdles are minimized to empower entrepreneurs.


Personal Values that Guide Me

Each step of my lifetime's journey has reaffirmed my belief in building strong relationships and finding common ground. It is this strength – fostered by the timeless wisdom of my family and community – that I bring to my role as your State Representative. My mission is simple yet profound: to be your voice in Hartford. To advocate for your needs. To work across the aisle for the good bills that lift our state higher.

The task ahead is clear, the road, though challenging, is one we will traverse together. I pledge to uphold these values, serve with integrity and passion, and strive incessantly to be a conduit between your aspirations and our state's action.

I ask for your support and vote to continue serving you – the heart and soul of Connecticut. Together, we can realize the bright future that is Connecticut.

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