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Why I'm Running


I am excited to run for State Representative for Norwalk and Darien.  I am a Darien resident, a lifelong Republican, a community volunteer, and a mother of three children.  My family relocated to Darien after living abroad.  Returning home was an exciting transition for our family.  The experience of living away instilled in me much pride and appreciation for America. I believe that our government needs to continually earn that respect, and I will work to make our community a place that keeps making us proud. 


I became involved in local politics after meeting Representative Terrie Wood several years ago.  I served as her campaign manager in 2020 and joined the Republican Town Committee.  Following that, I continued my involvement in electoral politics by heavily engaging in the 2021 Darien municipal races and becoming State Central Representative for our district. I am energized by the political process and am running to be your State Representative to ensure our community has a say in Hartford.  


We compete with the other 49 states for businesses and residents, and we are failing.  Connecticut’s overreach, high taxes, and regulations result in companies and people moving to more competitive states. Our taxes are some of the highest in the country and the services we receive from the state do not justify the costs.  Worse, we are now experiencing an increase in crime. This is unacceptable, and our residents need to be protected. Lastly, our children are struggling due to the pandemic. We need more transparency and accountability in our schools.  Supporting our students' education is a top priority! 


As your State Representative, I will be a voice for our district and work to change Connecticut for the better. I'm running to continue the hard work that keeps our community strong and vibrant.


Meet Tracy


I was born and raised in Lexington, KY.  My grandparents were farmers, small business owners, and proud Republicans.  My parents grew up the small town of Paint Lick, KY. They taught me about taking personal responsibility, being self-reliant, and helping my neighbors.  A sense of community, respect, and faith in this small town made me who I am today. 


I graduated from Butler University in 1999 with my Doctor of Pharmacy degree. My career started as a community pharmacist and then in the hospital, working with other health professionals from many countries.  I was active in the Pharmacy Association and served on the executive committee as Secretary, President, and Continuing Education Chair. I also worked with the regulatory board approving pharmacists and pharmacies.


My husband, David, and I have three daughters who proudly call Connecticut their home.  Our oldest is in her first year of college, and we have one in high school and another in middle school.  Furry friends are family, too, and we have four!  Two dogs and two cats keep our home lively.  Our family is very active.  Between rowing, tennis, quiz bowl, and academics, we are very fortunate to still keep our tradition of ‘Friday Night Pizza’!


Raising a family is a full-time job, but I have always found time to serve my community.  I am currently a board member of the Darien Community Association.  I serve as a Co-Chair for the Darien Neighbors, Global Players speaker series, an annual fundraiser for the DCA.  I have also fostered kittens for Pitter Patter Feline Rescue -- a fantastic grassroots animal rescue group focusing on kittens.  In total, we have fostered close to 100 kittens in the past few years and even adopted one!  My other involvements are in my kids' schools and sports; co-chairing the beloved Pumpkin Carnival at Tokeneke Elementary, crew mom for my daughter's rowing team, and running the school book fair are a few of the fun school activities that have been a labor of love.

I am optimistic about Connecticut. With the right leadership and team, we can get Connecticut on a better path.  Welcoming businesses, growing our economy, and improving educational opportunities are in our future.  Moving forward with proper accountability and transparency in our state will be key to better governance.  I will be the voice for our community to help realize that vision.

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